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Furthermore the Kraft durch Freude (Strength through Joy) initiative, also relates to consumption in Nazi Germany that was largely virtual. It was launched in November 1933 and built as a program designed to give German citizens a wellrounded social life after a day of hard work. According to Shelley Baranowski in Strength through Joy: “Strength through Joy meant to expand the opportunities for relaxation and cultural enrichment available to workers during both working hours and leisure time…”. 1 It not only made the working environment and social activities more enjoyable, but a big part of the program was concerned with offering vacations to each and every German. The Nazis were not only aiming to create a classless German nation, but also to keep the nation content and faithful to their leader, Hitler. KdF cruises, which remained virtual for almost every German, except for the wealthiest ones, were advertised on posters throughout the nation. Though there were only two ships ever built, the powerful image of traveling in style displayed in posters was enough to convince people that there might be the possibility of travel in their future. H346-G/kdf-wagen.jpg



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