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This poster probably comes from the mid-1930's. The caption: "Hitler is building. Help him. Buy German goods." cas/gpa/posters2.htm 2003/09/263231.jpg


Hitler views a Volkswagen model. 2003/09/263231.jpg
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KdF Cruise. images/kdf.jpg
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Popular Game in Germany, involving the Volkswagen. books/kdf-wagen.jpg cas/gpa/posters2.htm


Wir bleiben Kameraden This poster links the German Labor Front (the DAF) to World War I. The point is that just as soldiers were comrades regardless of their standing in civil life. cas/gpa/posters2.htm cas/gpa/posters2.htm


This poster is from the 1930's, and encourages Germans to buy domestic rather than imported goods. The top translates as "Germans buy German goods." The bottom text translates: "German Week/German Goods/German Labor." cas/gpa/posters2.htm



Issue Date: 1st May issue 1939 A Mother's Day issue of "The Frauenwarte", a popular magazine for women. cas/gpa/posters2.htm cas/gpa/posters2.htm


A tourist poster annoucing Germany's accomplishments. I think this was from the 1937 Paris World Fair. This poster was provided by J. Castillon. cas/gpa/posters2.htm