Blat - pull, connections

Po blatu - by blat, in an illegal manner

Dostat’- to obtain (very often by blat or through blat or connections)

Po znakomstvu - by acquaintance, by connections

Blatmeister - blat professional. Also known as blatnik

Vziatka - bribe

Vziatochnik - someone who accepts bribes

Svoi - close, familiar, ours

Kulturnost - decency, manners

Vorovstvo - theft

Uslovnost’ - conventions

Moshennik - swindler

ZIS ( znakomstvo I svyazi ) - acquaintances and connections

Svyazi - connections

Sobultilnichestvo - to share a bottle of alcohol

Kryshii - roof (i.e. cover and access to blat)

Dostup - access

Vikolachivauyt - extort money

Leviye dengi - money on the side

Krutost - coolness

Zaschita - protection

Additional Proverbs:

One gets what one guards

I help you, you help me

Fear is the best insurance