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Links that take you back in time:

Most of you are familiar with Greek and Roman myths. Some might know Egyptian and Babylonian myths, however, very few are familiar with the myths, folklore and legends of the rest of the world. Visit Encyclopedia Mythica to explore the mythology, folklore and legends of Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Do you know how your favorite Olympians where born? Or what are their domains? What about their marriages? Are you confused about all the polygamous and incestuous relationships that the Olympian gods entered? Then this site is for you Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources. (once on the site go to The Olympic Gods and choose Texts, to read about the gods' biths, marriages and encounters in literature, or Images, to view the different ways that the gods are portrayed in art).

You can find the text of many Greek and Roman myths at the following site Mythology Guide.

Women in Ancient Greece is a site were you can find out more about the role and status of women in ancient greece. (The site also has information about the role and status of women in ancient Egypt, Rome, Israel and Babylonia)

You can find experts from ancient greek authors on the plight of women here.

On questia, you can read books about"Women in Ancient Greece", or Greek Mythology, or you can search their databases for any other topic that you desire.