Picture Gallery

Some Victorian Images


 1. A memorial for Marry E Braddon, author of Aurora     Floyd. Memorial unvieled in 1915.                                          
2. A poster for the announcement of Aurora Floyd set as a theatrical production in 1870.


3. An illustration of a fallen woman by Charles S. Reinhart, from Dinckens' Hard Times. (1870)
4. A painting by John Liston Byam Shaw, "The Caged Bird" (1907). The painintg depicts a  caged bird which will literally be released, whilst the girl herself will never be free to follow her heart. Painintg and commentary from:
5. An illustration by Richard Doyle, from Dickens' The Cricket on the Hearth (1843). Even from the beginning the dialog presumes the man to know better than a woman.
6. An illustration by John Leech, from Dickens' The Chimes (1843). Shows the ever ending duties of wives and mothers whose work conitnued after the husband went to bed.
7. An illustration of two sisters by Daniel Maclise, from Dinckens's Battle of Life (1843). The picture and dialog highlight the expected obedience from children and women in general. http://www.victorianweb.org/art/illustration/battle/13.html


8. An illustration by George du Maurier, from Punch, a Victorian humor magazine. This depiction takes a sacrastic look at men viewing women simply as sex objects. The dialog to "The Accomodation" read as following: Vocalist (to a fair Stranger)- "A- I'm going to sing 'Fain would i clasp thee closer, love?' May I look at you while I am singing?" Fair Stranger- "Oh, certainly! Or at my grandmother."

9. A Victorian trade card that plays on the idea of women being overly emotional and
dramatic by advertising an imaginary elixer
that is supposed to be a "Cure of all Female Complaints."
Reinforces the idea of women belonging to a separate sphere from men.


10. The cover of British Workwoman, a Victorian women's magazine aimed to educate wives, mothers and daughters in their responsibilities as guardians of the home and family.
www.bl.uk/collections/early/victorian/ magazin/magaz6.html
11. The cover of The Suffragist, a Victorian magazine started by Congressional Union for Women Suffrage (CUWS). The
 magazine aimed at gaining the right for women to vote.



12.  Cover to Woman's Journal, another publication aimed at promoting emancipation for all women. The Women's Journal was published for 47 years before being replaced by the Woman Citizen in 1917.
 13.  A flyer announcing a meeting from Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). The WSPU fought to obtain the vote and social liberazation for women.



14.  A portrait of Queen Victoria by Sir Francis Grant. (1843)        

15.  A cartoon from a magazine that found women's new fashions completely comical and worthy of high satire. The illustration is dated 1857 and bottom caption reads "New Contrivance for Lady's Maids, Adapted to the Present Style of Fashion." http://www.sensibility.com/vintageimages/victorian/images/ladiesmaidspoof.jpg


16.  A painting depicting the popular Victorian dress style for women.f
 http://www.cl.utoledo.edu/canaday/quackery/wom5.gif ttrtrrtrtertetretertetrertetretretretrertereterterterterterterrtertertertererghjhgjhjghjertert
17.  An image of a Victorian woman emphasizing the volumous and detailed style of clothing.
www.judithmwarren.com/ VAH_Dedication.html