Poetry about Princess Diana

In Due Respect, Diana

Years have passed us by
since our beloved Princess Diana
died so tragically ~

yet, in my heart
I still miss her loveliness
and her concern
for so many in need and despair ~

she took her own pain and suffering
and transformed the anguish into a cause
relating love and compassion and solace,
which she had not been given,
to people of all walks of life
all around the world ~

Oh, our warm-hearted Diana
took into her means
to find ways to help through charities
yet, more so, through meeting
and giving of herself personally
to many outcasts and needy;
such was her nature
and she also had known
what pain and misery were
in her own heart;
perhaps differently than those she touched
but it did not matter ~

Princess Diana touched the world
in honesty, humanity, and humor;
she was a light that brightly shone
through the darkness of the ancient castles
and into the streets
with ordinary people who loved her
and she loved them ~

May we respect her enough
to do the same towards each other;
reaching out in compassion and love
to those who are in need of a helping hand
or a heart to "listen" and care....
by Dolores Treadway
January 28th, 2001

Princess Diana’s Warmth and Wisdom

Your eyes so crystal blue
Your smile as warm and friendly
As the morning sunrise
Took hold of many hearts as you reached out
Stepped beyond the bounds of royal protocol
You will always be the People’s Princess
Because you came to the people in your fair England
And around the globe ~
Touching those who were stigmatized and alienated
Comforting those who were dying
Giving hope to those who needed encouragement and compassion
Yes, you were and, in our hearts,
Will always be the People’s Princess,
Dearest Diana
You brought life to a lifeless royal family
You showered love upon your sons
Showed them the outside world
Where people were not royal
Where people were suffering and in need ~
You planted the seed
In their hearts and may God lead them
To follow through with your work.
By Dolores A. Treadway
Written January 31, 2001

Princess Diana: A Light in a World of Darkness

The warmth and empathy
which exuded from her radiant smile
and sensitive, warm, vibrant eyes
touched the lives of so many
who were in need of sincere love and compassion...
She was more than just glamorous ~
Princess Diana was a beacon of light
blessing those in the darkened streets
and homeless shelters,
in hospice wards,
in the lives of those suffering with AIDS,
leprosy, and other traumatic illnesses...
Her life overflowed with grace and mercy ~
she worked to aid
all whom life had treated unfairly
and gave equal respect and concern
to those whom she touched and sympathized with...
by Dolores Ann Treadway
Copy right
February 26th, 2001

The Charm of Princess Diana

Princess Diana was regal in a way
that the other Royals differed ~
Diana's regal composure was filled
with a natural warmth and vivacity ~
she illuminated a mixture of
fairy-tale princess
and concerned, merciful, humane woman ~
her outward and inward beauty
were intwined and potent to all the world~
She transmitted a sincere love
and sensitive empathy toward
the weak and the needy ~
Who could not love her?
Diana was regal in a unique aspect ~
not to be looked upon as a princess
out of reach with ordinary people ~
rather a princess of inviting charm
and enthusiasm and charity.
by Dolores Ann Treadway
written March 31, 2001

Diana : the Mother and Humanitarian

The reality of the homeless Struck Princess Diana’s heart
She often took her sons To shelters and hospitals
To teach them that the suffering Of others
Mattered , despite the world’s stigmatism –
That there must be hope for those
Who live day to day
Either with the fear of dying homeless
Or dying from an incurable illness
Princess Diana never sat back
And viewed the tragedy of the homeless _
She went forward and met the darkeness
To which they lived in
The fear they lived in
Her heart was so full of empathy and true compassion
That she felt a spiritual need
To help give hope and love to the homeless
And To educate her sons in how these virtues
Were needed in their lives In their important positions –
Reaching out and making a difference
In a world full of fear and suffering.
By Dolores Ann Treadway
Written May 7, 2001

Goodbye England's Rose

Goodbye England’s rose,
May you ever grow in our hearts.
You were the grace that placed itself
Where lives were torn apart.
You called out to our country,
And you whispered to those in pain.
Now you belong to heaven,
And the stars spell out your name. 

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in.
And your footsteps will always fall here,
Along England’s greenest hills;
Your candle burned out long before
Your legend ever will 

Loveliness we’ve lost;
These empty days without your smile.
This torch we’ll always carry
For our nation’s golden child.
And even though we try,
The truth brings us to tears;
All our words cannot express the joy
You brought us through the years

Goodbye England’s rose,
From a country lost without your soul,
Who’ll miss the wings of your compassion,
More than you’ll ever know
By:  Elton John

Looking Back, Diana

Looking back on Princess Diana’s life,
I feel sadness and joy
For she embodied hope which came from suffering
Her moments of loneliness
Led her to a fulfillment of the gifts
Which God blessed her And
Those gifts included her unabashed and passionate fervor
To touch the lives of the people
To visit the sick and oppressed
Physically touch the outcasts of society
With her tender and compassionate spirit
Looking back on Princess Diana’s life
There are memories of her charming smile
Those bright, shining blue eyes
Which the world was dazzled by
The wit and vivacity which captured hearts
We all fell in love.

By Dolores Ann Treadway
Written February 20th, 2001

Angel of Compassion

Princess Diana was an exceptional woman
who conveyed love and encouragement,
in sincerity and warmth,
She transmitted a golden shine
from her intuitive nature
in responding and relating to
those who were suffering ~
she knew the misery of being rejected
from the painful moments in her own life ~
thus, her heart went out to
weary, ill, troubled people
and those who were scoffed by society....
Yes, Princess Diana was an angel of compassion
and warm friendliness
toward all those lives she touched.
By Dolores Ann Treadway
written March 12, 2001

Well of love: Princess Diana's Legacy

In your heart was a well of love and sensitivity
which led you to follow the path
which led to people who desperately needed
the touch of understanding
and the solace of a gentle, caring spirit ~
which embodied you, dear Diana ~
Your smile, touch and sympathetic nature
captured the people ~
not only those who were ill
but, also, admirers from all over the world ~
You were our "Queen of Hearts"
and will be so forever.
by Dolores Ann Treadway
written April 12, 2001

Diana’s Labor of Love

You dried tears
Of those who mourned
You comforted those
Who were in need of soothing hope
You brought joy
To all whose lives were in dormancy
You cared enough to
Involve yourself with those
In need of mercy
You experienced enough heartache
To relate with those who were rejected
You stepped beyond limitations
To share your endless
Empathy and radiance
You blessed lives
Far more than
you could ever have imagined.
By Dolores Ann Treadway
Written June, 2001

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