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 Princess Diana's Picture Gallery

Princess Diana when she visited the Taj Malhal

Princess in Angola with victims of land mines
January 14, 1997

Paul Burrell with Princess Diana on an Angolan trip

Princess Diana with her two sons William and Harry

Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day on July 29,1981

Princess Diana at 1992 Royal Variety Show

Engaged to Prince Charles in 1981, Diana visited with Princess

Diana, Princess of Wales with the Royal Princes, William and Harry

Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta in the cross hall at the White House. November 9, 1985

Princess Diana wore a Halo Trust bulletproof jacket during a visit to a landmine field in Huambo, Angola, in January 1997.

Princess Diana meeting Mother Teresa.  Princess Diana was buried on the day that Mother Teresa died.

Princess Diana comforts Elton John at Gianni Versaci's funeral

Left to Right: Rutherford, Zarko, Princess Diana, Malic, and Jerry White--Rutherford was Princess Diana's friend who inspired her to get involved in chareties for AIDS

Prince Charles and Princess Diana kiss after a polo match in Oman

Diana, Princess of 
Wales: Committed to the fight against cancer

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