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Timeline of Jacqueline Kennedy

September 28, 1929 Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was born to John Vernou Bouvier III and Janet Lee

Jackie's parents John Vernou Bouvier and Janet Lee got divorced

Jackie's Mother Janet Lee married Hugh Auchincloss

Jackie was named debutante of the year

Summer 1951
Jackie was the Vogue's Prix de Paris writting contest

Following college Jackie took a job at the Washing Times-Herald as 'The Inquiring Camera Girl"

May, 1951
Jacqueline Bouvier met John F. Kennedy for the first time at a dinner party

December, 1951
Jacqueline Bouvier gets engaged to John Husted

March, 1952
Jackie called off her engagement to John Husted

Summer 1952
Jacqueline Bouvier met the Kennedy family for the first time at Hyannis in Cape Cod

June 24, 1953
Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kennedy official announced their engagement

September 12, 1953
Jacqueline Bouvier married John F. Kennedy at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Newport, Rhode Island

Fall of 1955
Jackie and Jack bought homes in the Kennedy compound and they bought Hickory Hill in Virginia

November 27, 1957
Jackie gave birth to her first child, Caroline Kennedy

John F. Kennedy began his presidential campaign

November 25, 1960
Jackie gave birth to her second child, John F. Kennedy Jr.

Jackie founded the White House Historical Association and began publication of a guidebook

November 22, 1963
John F. Kennedy was assasinated in Dallas, Texas

Jackie moved to New York to escape the memories she had in Washington

Jackie married Aristotle Onassis shortly after the assasination of her brother-in-law Bobby Kennedy

Aristotle Onassis died and soon after Jackie began working as an editor for the Viking Press

Jackie resigned from her job as an editor at the Viking Press

Jackie worked for Doubleday as an editor specializing in non ficiton books

May 19, 1994
Jackie Kennedy Onassis died due to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

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