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Jacqueline Kennedy's Picture Gallery

Jackie Kennedy stands with her son John F. Kennedy Jr. and Robert Kennedy at her husband's funeral

Former President John F. Kennedy and former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

In May 1954, Orlando Suero photographed Jack and Jackie Kennedy walking in Georgetown to meet brother Bobby and his wife, Ethel, to toss around a football.

Jackie Kennedy with India Gandhi during her visit to India in 1962.
Jackie Kennedy greets Annie S. Dunbar at Love Field upon arrival in Dallas, Texas.

Even Jacqueline Kennedy could not afford a top Paris designer wedding gown and instead worked with a dressmaker to create something less lavish.

In 1961 Mrs. John F. Kennedy cut the ribbon officially opening the annual Flower Mart. She was wearing a jonquil-yellow wool suit and matching straw hat that were as bright and sunny as the weather.
Jackie and Caroline
Hyannis Port, 1960

Jackie Kennedy riding with John F. Kennedy Jr. in her lap and Caroline Kennedy riding beside her

In 1947 when Jackie Bouvier was 17 she was named debutante of the year.

With the fatally wounded President beside her, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy tries to retrieve a piece of her husband's scalp, seconds after the shooting.

Jackie Kennedy in East Hampton as a young girl
The wedding party at Senator John F. Kennedy's marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier in September of 1953

Jacqueline Kennedy visits the Taj Mahal, March 15, 1962

  John and Jacqueline Kennedy ride the campaign trail from New York City to Camelot.
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