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Memorabilia of Princess Diana

"The People's Princess" Commemorative Plate

Princess Diana Memorial Coin accompanied by five of England's Princess Diana Stamps on the cover of the collection.

Princess Diana Fashion Doll from the Franklin Mint

Princess Diana porcelain doll from Nancy's Collections

Framed Autographed Picture of Princess Diana

Collectible Stamps of Princess Diana

This 2 inch diameter Wooden Dollar was made in a limited LASER Engraved edition
In Honor of, and In Memory of Princess Diana.

Royal Doulton Princess Diana Doll

Princess Diana Commemorative Small Plate

Princess Diana Madame Alexander Doll

Princess Diana Collectible Doll

Replica of Princess Diana's Wedding Tiara (a gift from the Queen on Diana's wedding day)

Commemorative Coin of Princess Diana

Diana, The People's Princess Doll Wardrobe Trunk

Princess Diana's memorial beanie baby bear

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