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  Jackie Kennedy

1. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy  ----  This website gives a short biography of Jackie Kennedy from the official White House site. [November 22, 2003]

2.  Jacqueline Kennedy's White House Tour ----  This website is a picture tour of the White House as shown by Jackie Kennedy on January 13th, 1962.  Jackie Kennedy gave a tour of the White House and a personal interview for CBS in 1962.  This website gives a recap of that event. [November 22, 2003]

3.  Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy (Onassis) ---- This website offers a detailed Biography of Jackie Kennedy. [November 22, 2003]

4. John F. Kennedy Library and Museum ---- A description of the recent tribute exhibition for Jackie Kennedy.  This website displays the clothing and accessories that were a part of Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years exhibition. [November 22, 2003]

5.  Jackie's Letters: Private Anguish  ----  This website shows the private side of Jackie in her letters to a priest following her husbands assassination.  [November 22, 2003]

Princess Diana

1. Ancestry of Princess Diana ----This is a great website to view Princess Diana's family tree and great deal.  [November 22, 2003]

2. Diana-Timeline ---- This site offers a short but concise timeline of the major events in Princess Diana's life. [November 22, 2003]

3. Diana, Princess of Wales ----  This website offers a very detailed biography of Diana as memorial to Diana. [November 22, 2003]

4. Princess Diana ---- This website is a very touching tribute to Princess Diana. [November 22, 2003]

5.  Princess Diana Speaks Out ----This side offers a transcript of the BBC interview with Diana. [November 22, 2003]

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