The ViRgin Mary
  This is not a tribute to a Biblical figure...
But a look at the values and symbolism of the Biblical figure.
 Mary is so much more than a religious symbol. This woman is symbolic of faith, womanhood and motherhood throughout history, literature, and art. These aspects of the worship of Mary will be discussed within this site. For this purpose, I have included two perspectives: a literary/artistic perspective analyzing artistic expressions, as well as a historical look at the reverence for Mary during the Middle Ages. For  further reference of the art and writings mentioned within the papers, refer to Mentioned Art. The Mary Gallery was made not only for the art lovers among us, but as further look into the artistic views of Mary (particularly at the moment of Annunciation) throughout the centuries...


  Literary Paper: Mary as Model  for Woman in the Middle Ages

  Historical Paper:  The Motherly Virgin Mary

  Primary Sources: The artistic works mentioned in my papers

  The Mary Gallery: A look at the depictions of Mary through the centuries

  Works Cited

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