The Mary Gallery
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~Scenes of the Annunciation from the Eighth to the Twelfth Centuries...

MaryIcon      Annunc    Mary Fresco

~And later, from the Fifteenth to the Sixteenth Centuries...

Botticcelli-Annunciation     GIovani-Annunciation  annunc-el greco   

~And also, from the Eighteenth to the Present...

Victorian    J.W. Waterhouse-Annunc. 1917   Annunc-Today

Artists have also depicted other aspects of Mary's life...
                        -Mary is often shown reading and some artists                     -Here Mary is crushing Satan (the serpent at
                              portrayed the education of Mary as a young girl                  her feet) as she is imbued with the son of God.
                              where Mary is being taught how to read by her
                              mother, St. Anne
                                    Mary Reading                                    Mary on Bibile