Mothering and Simone de Beauvoir:
Rejection and acceptance of bourgeois ideals

Simone and her companion, Jean-Paul Sartre

French feminist and existentialist Simone de Beauvoir grew up in a household that both defied and complied with French bourgeoisie norms.  Simone's   father was a patriarchal philanderer and her mother a staunch Catholic housewife who deferred to her husband on all matters.  World War One brought many changes for the family and inadvertently led to Simone becoming one of the most well-educated French women of her day.  The influence of Simone's parents, especially her mother, along with her unparalleled academic success were forces that shaped not only her writing, but her relationships for the rest of her life.  Click on the links below to learn more about Simone's life and literature.

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by Katy Snyder

"A woman is made, not born"- Simone de Beauvoir, The SecondSex