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Assignments for INT 296S:  A Schedule

Käthe Kollwitz, “Mary and Elizabeth”

As we all know, motherhood is a lot of work.  But it’s rewarding, too.  We hope that you will find our assignments to be the same.  Here’s what we are asking you all to do.

As we noted on the first day, each student will be asked to create a multimedia project, a web page on a motherhood-related theme and/or maternal figure, which will serve in lieu of a final exam.  Over the course of the semester, you will write several essays that help you to develop the content (text and images) for this web page. Then, in February, you will begin to learn the IT skills needed to make a page out of the material you have developed.

      We have given you a list of possible topics for your project below.  If you have a different idea (a person or theme that interests you particularly), discuss it with us (preferably in an email addressed to both profs) and draft a proposal, after doing some preliminary research.  Your topic MUST be limited to a literary or historic maternal figure (or a topic related to maternity) from the history and literature of North America or Europe only. Throughout October and November, you will be doing research on your topic, finding both historic and literary or artistic material that is related to the topic/figure.

Sept. 25th:  Initial paper proposal due, along with a preliminary Works Cited list for your literary paper.  You will hand in a paper topic proposal, which lists the literary works that you intend to use in writing your essays and
constructing your page.  Please give full citations.

Oct. 3rd:  We have our next session in the Electronic Classroom.  You will learn to use Netscape Composer, and will be encouraged to search for images online to use for your own web page.

Oct. 14th: You will hand in a 5-7 pp research paper, which summarizes, discusses, and evaluates the literary or artistic material you found on your topic, using MLA-style notes and a revised and refined Works Cited list.

 Oct. 16th:  In-class midterm: this will be a test (approx 60 minutes), consisting largely of term definitions and quotation identifications and explanations, which will be drawn from the reading assignments discussed during the first half of this course.
Oct. 16th: Your works cited list for your history paper is due this day.  You must prove (by including print outs from bibliographic data bases) that you compiled this list using at LEAST one online bibliographic data base, such as Historical Abstracts or America: History and Life.

Nov. 20th: Meet in Electronic Classroom. You will show us the progress you’ve made on your web page, and have the chance to work on it some more.

Nov. 11th:  A second essay (again 5-7 pp with MLA-style notes and Works Cited) is due on your topic or theme, this time focusing on historic or bibliographic source materials.   

Nov. 20th:  We meet again in the Electronic Classroom.  You will show the
class a rough draft of your web page with illustrations.

n.b.      our aide from the CIT, will be available for individual
          appointments with any of you throughout March and April, while you are
working on your web pages.  You can sign up for appointments with her in class.

Dec.  2nd: Second in class midterm, on the readings that were covered since March 7th.

     The Web page, along with any outstanding written work, must be turned in no later than Dec. 15th.

      Honors Option:  this course can count for an Honors Option course if your web page project is good enough, in our opinion, to be posted on the class site.   
      Only projects that get a grade of B+ or higher will be posted.

      Suggest themes  for web page topics:

      1.  Motherhood in a specific historic period (e.g., the Greco-Roman period, medieval Europe, during the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, Nazi Germany, Stalin's Soviet Union, the USSR after 1945, ancient Rome or Greece, etc.).

      2.  The child's nurse, in both historic and literary terms (this might include wet nurses).

      3.  The destructive or neglectful mother.

      4.  Any famous maternal person who meets with our approval.

      5. Men as mothers.

      6.  A particular historic figure as the mother of her nation (e.g., Maria
      Theresa of Austria, Elizabeth of England).

      7.  A famous mother-child pair.

      8.  Medical attitudes towards conception, pregnancy and childbirth; the
transition from midwives to obstetricians. This might focus on classical, medieval or Renaissance periods, in particular.

      9.  Midwifery during a specified period.

      10. Breastfeeding vs. formula, now and in the past (yes, it was a hot topic
 even in the 18th century) .  In the lit. paper for this project, you would focus on the nurse as a literary figure.

      The Web page assignment should include at least the ffb:

 paper 1     analysis of literary or artistic primary source

paper 2    the historical or biographical information/background

Works Cited list, including citations for all illustrations
        links to pertinent sites on the Internet
Other possibilities:
        glossary or definitions of terms that appear in your paper
        a time line
        image map (for those comfortable with HTML)
        voice recording of an especially important text or passage

Got any additional ideas?  Just tell us about them. We're inclined to encourage
      creativity in our students.

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