1533 - Marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.
           Birth of ELIZABETH TUDOR.
1536 - Execution of Anne Boleyn for adultery.
           Marriage of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.
1537 - Birth of Edward Tudor.
           Death of Edward's mother, Jane Seymour.
1540 - Marriage and divorce of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves.
           Marriage of Henry VIII and Katherine Howard.
1542 - Execution of Katherine Howard.
1543 - Marriage of Henry VIII and Katherine Parr.
1547 - Death of Henry VIII.
           Accession of Edward VI.
1553 - Death of Edward VI.
           Accession of Mary I.
1554 - Imprisonment of ELIZABETH in Tower of London by Mary I.
1558 - Death of Mary I.
           Accession of ELIZABETH I.
1559 - First Parliament reestablishes Protestantism as official religion.
1563 - Second Parliament  pressures ELIZABETH to marry and name her successor.
1566 - Third Parliament uses financial pressure in attempt to secure succession.
1569 - Northern Catholic rebellion against ELIZABETH's regime.
1569-72 - Rising hostility between England and Spain.
1572 - William Cecil becomes lord treasurer.
1573 - Francis Walsingham becomes secretary of state.
1584 - Parliament passes Act of Association, aimed at Mary Stuart, to punish and
           prevent succession of any party to conspiracy against the crown.
1585 - War with Spain in the Netherlands.
1587 - Execution of Mary Stuart.
1588 - Armada launches attack on England in late July, defeated by English navy.
1590 - Death of Walsingham.
1598 - Death of William Cecil.
1603 - Death of ELIZABETH I.
           Accession of James VI of Scotland as James I of England.