Questioning the institution of marriage...

My neighbor Lida is a Ph.D. candidate
Although she is not quite thirty yet.
She works wothout respite.
The also say she's very bright.
But lady neighbors growl at her.
Why does her husband live with her
Without a marriage license?
Even if he is good and kind to Lida.
These next-door neighbors don't go for lyrics.
The petty middle-class knows but one measure.
the heart is weighed against a registration blank
and wedding ring.
Now take our elevator operator.
She is wedded to a registered spouse,
A well known bum and drunkard.
Repulsive spider, he beats his wife.
But she, as undemanding as a pig,
She will not part with him. She even
Looks down her nose at Lida.
She is proud of herself. Why?
A lawful husband lives with her!
She slanders Lida everywhere-
Because there is a lawful reptile in her nest!

                                  (Brown 75)

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