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Here is a list of all the websites related to the subject of Russian Peasants that I have found most interesting and helpful  On most of these sites you will be able to view different  pieces of art related to the nineteenth century Russian peasant population.  You will also find that some of these websites contain interesting information about the period and the people in the Russian countryside.

Asaturova, Julia.  Guide to the Paintings of Russian Museum.
    This website contains The State Russian Museum collections of paintings from the eighteenth
    through the twentieth centuries.

Mayberry, Anastasia.  Peasant Women's
    This website contains many pictures from the State History Museum in Moscow of peasant
    women in Russian folk costumes.  While looking through the pictures, you will also be able to read
    about the history of these traditional pieces of clothing.

Mitrevski, George.  Russian
    This is the official website from the Auburn University, which contains a section about Russian art.
    Here you will find a tremendous amount of paintings of Russian peasants from the
    nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Olga's Gallery--Online Art
    This is another site containing a wide selection of paintings from The Russian Museum
    in St. Petersburg, Russia.  The site provides information about the pieces of art as well as
    the artists from around the world.

Russian Folk Paintings at The Russian
    This website allows you to purchase all kinds of gifts and collectibles from Russia, but
    you can also simply look through all the pieces of art and learn about their history.
    Take a  look at the Art Gallery for great paintings related to Russian peasants.

Ruzhnikov, Andre.  Russian Arts:  Russian Paintings and Decorative Arts.
    This website allows you to buy Russian arts and antiques, and you will find a tremendous amount
    of paintings and drawings of Russian peasants from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Samson Gallery of Russian
    Search for "peasant women" and "russian peasants" in a collection of over 250 works of art
    by more than 20 different artists.

The Vincent van Gogh
    Van Gogh has some very beautiful paintings of peasant women from the 1800s.  Look for paintings
    entitled "Two Peasant Women in the Peat Field" and "Two Peasant Women Digging Potatoes" for
    van Gogh's perspective on the ninteteenth-century peasantry.

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