14th Century Art

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Revolutionary Writing

Christine de Pizan was unusual in many ways for a fourteenth century woman. Not only was she a forerunner of the feminist movement, but she was also a prolific writer. Between the years 1399 and 1431, she penned a of works, belonging to such diverse genres as courtesy books, biographies, psalms, poems and verse. She was revolutionary for her time, as she was the first known woman to have definitely earned her living by her pen (Marie de France, who lived approximately 250 years before Christine is also alleged to been paid for her story telling, but not much is known about her).  In this paper, I shall demonstrate just how pioneering she was, focusing particularly on her writing, including her introduction of a neoligism into the vernacular. I will begin by including some background on her work and the influence it has yielded. Click here to continue ...