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A Young Mother with Her Child in a Hospital    This photograph depicts a young mother, who has recently given birth to the
                                    child she is holding. The woman is still in the hospital and the child was
                                    brought to her for feeding.
                                    Source of the photograph: www.corbis.com

A Mother and a Daughter in a Field    This photograph illustrates a peasant mother standing next to her
                                              daughter. The setting of the photograph is in the country side.
                                              The mother is probably working for the local kolkhoz (collective farm)
                                              and living there as well.
                                              Source of the photograph: www.corbis.com

A Mother and a Child in a Field                On this photograph a mother is standing on a field, holding her little
                                                 boy to herself. As in the previous picture, the young woman is
                                                 worker on the local collective farm, which can be seen in the
                                                 Source of the photograph: www.corbis.com

Kolkhoz Creche                This photograph depicts a Soviet day care unit, known as creche.
                                                This one in particular is a day care unit for mothers working in the
                                                fields. Each child has his/her own bassinet and is being attended by
                                                a nurse.
                                                Source of the photograph: www.corbis.com

    On this photograph women and children are standing in
                                                                    a bread line, waiting for at least a kilogram of bread.
                                                                    Such bread lines were not unusial in the Soviet Union,
                                                                    especially during the years of great fammine, which
                                                                    occured in the earlier 1930's and lasted till 1940.
                                                                    Source of the photograph: www.corbis.com

             This is a statue of a young man and a woman, who are
                                                        abviously working in a factory or a collective farm. Such
                                                        assumption comes to mind due to the fact that the man is
                                                        holding a hammer and the woman is holding a "serp" -- an
                                                        instrument used to cut down the weat flocks. This image of
                                                        these two hard-working young people served as a
                                                        propaganda of Socialism as well as Communism in the
                                                        Soviet Union. Such statues were very popular and could be
                                                        found in many cities around the former Soviet Union.
                                                        Source of the photograph: www.corbis.com