Motherhood in Stalin's Russia

Diana Neyman
INT296S - Dr.Driver & Dr. Reagin
Spring 2001

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        Welcome to my website dedicated to Mothers of the Soviet Union, during
        the government of Joseph Stalin (1879 - 1953). The following pages will
        provide you, dear reader, with detailed historical information regarding
        motherhood in the Soviet Union from the break of the century untill the
        early 1950's. Further, you may visit my research based on the literary
        sources relevant to the topic.

        I will also provide the art gallery with photographs depicting mothers and
        their children in Stalin's Russia, which you are most welcome to visit.

        Finally, the list of works cited, as well as the glossary, will assist you in
        your research and will advise you on very interesting reading you may do
        this summer or any other time.

 Historical Research
 Literary Research
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 Works Cited
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