This painting is Moreau's artistic vision of Sappho at the Lucidian Cliffs.

In the following webpages I have re-typed Sappho's poetry as written by four different authors. As I have stated in my history paper, Henry Wharton was the poet who tried to purify Sappho's image and made her poetry seem as though it was dealing with heterosexual love when, indeed, it dealt with homosexual love between two women. Michael Field was the first poet to re-make Sappho's poetry in order to encompase the passion, love and affection two women can have for one another. Charles Swinburne was the poet whose single rendition of Sappho's poetry incited a bad connotation to Sappho's reputation as well as lesbianism. Mary Bernard, a contemporary, simply translated Sappho's poetry verbatim from the Ancient Greek.

For the reader to better understand the underlying concepts in both my papers, I have selected a few poems from each collection, those that are similar and those that contrast greatly, in order to better clarify the heavy concepts tackled within the text of this website. I hope you enjoy Sappho's poetry as much as I do.

~Ria Chavez