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           Elizabeth Cady Stanton, born in 1815, was a crucial figure

in American History.  She is especially important to womenís

history, being the prime figure in the fight for womenís equality.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a strong, opinionated and educated

woman with controversial ideas.  She was determined to get women

the rights they deserved, and spent her life devoted to the fight.

Living in a male dominated society, where women were nothing

more than menís property, made her struggle that much harder.

        However, Elizabeth was never afraid to express her opinion, no matter how un-popular

it was during the time.  She believed in womenís independence and fought to get women the

right to vote.  Being a wife and a mother of seven, it was not always easy to be a part of the

movement, but with the help of Susan B. Anthony, she was able to continue contributing to

the struggle.   Elizabeth knew that the struggle to get women the right to vote would require

many years and a lot of effort.  She fought the longest for the cause, but did not live long

enough to cast a ballot herself.

        Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the pioneer in one of the largest social movements of our

time.  Itís very upsetting that most Americans have no idea who she was.  Hopefully, this

site will be a start in giving Elizabeth Cady Stanton the recognition she deserves.  From

literary and artistic analysis to historical research, speeches, letters, and photographs, this site

is an educational insight into the many aspects of Elizabeth Cady Stantonís life.

Enjoy the journey into the amazing world of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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