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A vision of slaughter I have seen in pictures.
They seem so far away, yet so near to my heart.

     How could humanity be so cruel? More than six million killed in the days of slaughter. Yet many stood by with excuses in their hearts. Some looked the other way, pretending it didn't happen.

"They aren't really human", some said in those days. They were used for medical research, thrown away in dumps, burned, others dismembered or tortured beyond recognition. A decision was made that these people were not worth living. But they were not given the choice to live or die. They were forced to enter the gates of death. They were trapped ,unable to escape or even understand what was happening to them.

If only we had spoken in the days of the holocaust, we would not have let such evil happen.
Surely we would have stopped the tyranny. Surely we would have not stood by.

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Children Experiments
Source:  Holocaust History org
These are just some of the many children who were forcibly used in the experiements done by the Nazis in the concentration camps.

Experiment on a woman
Source:  Holocaust History org
This woman underwent unimaginable cruelty, when she was made into a lab rat for the Nazis' experiments.  Physically and emotionally (if she survived) she will never be the same.

Tattooed Child
Holocaust History org
Above, a small child is shown with the tattoo given to concentration camp victims.
Who knows if this sweet face ever made it out alive!
Woman in the concentration camp
Source:  Picture Trail
Amazingly, this woman survived her meager
existence at a concentration camp.

Jehovah's Witness beheaded for her religious beliefs
Source:  United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum
"Here,  Helene Gotthold is shown with her family  in  Germany, June 25, 1936.
She was beheaded on December 8, 1944, for being a Jehovah's Witness."

Source:  United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum
"The caption in this picture reads:
"...because God cannot want the sick and ailing to produce."
This image was produced by the Reich Propaganda Ministry.
They used such propaganda to develop public sympathy for the Euthanasia Program."
Hungarian Jewish Family before Auschwitz
Source:  United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum
This picture could have been the last documented happy day of this Hungarian Jewish family's life.
"They were deported to and killed in Auschwitz soon after this photo was taken."
Gisi Fleischmann, leader of a Jewish underground rescue organization
Source:  United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum
               Through all the hate involved in the Holocaust, there were still those that tried to save lives.
Above, a picture of Gisi Fleischmann.
She was the "leader of  the Working Group, a Jewish underground rescue organization.
In 1944, she was killed in Auschwitz."
pulling stones
Source:  United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Nazis implemented senseless acts of cruelty.
Here, "women prisoners pull dumpcars filled with stones in the camp quarry."

Corpses of dead women

Source:   The History Net
Here lay the bodies of women:  someone's daughter, mother, or friend,
killed by starvation, disease and other unimaginable circumstances.

Women in Bergen Belson peeling potatoes
Source:   The History Net
Women sit here, in filthy shacks, peeling potatoes.  Yet even in this meager existence there still gleams a ray of hope through these women's smiles.

An American soldiers looks into a mass grave where two small corpses lay
Source:   The History Net
An American soldier looks into a mass grave, where two small children lay.
One child is only an infant.
Imprisoned Polish children look out from barbed wire, from within Auschwitz
Source:   The History Net
Imprisoned Polish children look through barbed wire, while trapped within Auschwitz.
Chilren's clothing
Source:   The History Net
This is the remains of hundreds of thousands of children: what's left-- their clothes.
Upon arrival (most), children were sent to the gas chamber. This is/was their clothing.

Female prisoner about to be executed
Source:   The History Net
This woman looks innocent enough, yet she is about to be executed.
What crime could she have committed?

Women prisoners suffering from typhus in Bergen-Belson
Source:   The History Net
These women prisoners are suffering from typhus within the concentration camp Bergen-Belson.

Corpse of a woman
Source: Picture Trail
        This is the body of one of the many female victims of the Holocaust.

Source:  www.bonder.com

This is from an exibit in Auschwitz showing some of the human hair of the victims of the concentration camp.
As you can see, it was the hair of women.

Jews deported to Belzec concentration camp
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
Ukrainian Jews deported to await their deaths at Belzec concentraion camp.

Polish children awaiting their deaths
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
''These Polish children were shipped to Chelmno, where they were murdered in
the camp's gas vans.''

Some of the many children who were sent to Ravensbruck and Mauthausen concentration camps
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
'' Pictured here are but a few of the children
 who were deported to the Ravensbrück and Mauthausen concentration
 camps. Most of these children did not survive the war.''

A six year old wears the Star of David
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
Only six years old in this photograph,  Paulette Zelasneg wears her Yellow Star.

Men, women and children boarding a train to Treblinka
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
"This secretly taken photograph shows a transport train at the station at Siedlce, Poland.
This station was along one of the major routes between Warsaw and Treblinka."

Man surrounded by death children
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
Here a man holds and is surrounded by dead children, including the infant in his arms.

Child victim of the concentration camps in Croatia
Source: holocaustchronicle.org
"A child in a Ustasa children's camp in Sisak, Croatia.
 The first concentration camp in Croatia was established early in 1941.  "

The selection process
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
This picture depicts what became known as the selection.  Men, women, and children were separated at this destination,
and many were killed (especially mothers with children and the elderly).

Child that was stolen from his parents and given to resettle with an Aryan family
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
"The German government developed extensive plans for the "Aryan" resettlement of Eastern Europe.  In the
 process, more than 30,000 Polish children, among them the one pictured here, were taken from their parents. While some of these
 children died in concentration camps, those deemed to have Aryan characteristics were given to German families to raise. "

Nazi experiments
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
"Nazi medical experimenters put no ethical limits on their activities. As with the prisoner whose leg is pictured here,
some inmates were injected with pus and toxic substances in order to generate infections on which
 various experimental medicines could be tested. Nazi researchers also amputated healthy limbs for transplant to soldiers who had been
 severely wounded. Few prisoners survived the experiments, either dying immediately or becoming so weakened and ill that they were
 soon consigned to the gas chambers. "

Mothers and their children await to be gassed at Auschiwitz-Birkenau
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
Mothers and their children await to be gassed at Auschiwitz-Birkenau.

Here an elderly Hungarian Jew walks with her grandchildren to the gas chambers at Auschwitz
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
Here an elderly Hungarian Jew walks with her grandchildren to the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Women of the Holocaust
Source:  holocaustchronicle.org
Women of the Holocaust.

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