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Meanings and Models of Motherhood in European History and Literature
[Pace University: Course INT 296S ]

Student Work Page

Käthe Kollwitz
“Mary and Elizabeth” 


Destructive Mother
by Jasmine Acosta
Elizabeth I Queen of England
by Kathy Pyrcak
Motherhood in Soviet Society
by Yekaterina Kleydman
Russian Peasant women and Medical Modernization
by Gilena Tyutyunnik
Elizabeth I - Mother of England
by Karianne Raket-Brachet
Christine De Pizan
by Philomena Connors
Images of Motherhood within Athena Greek Goddess
by Becky Pappas 
Motherhood in Stalin's Russia
by Diana Neyman
The Nurturing Side of Annie Sullivan & Helen Keller
by Veronica Kam

The Statue of Liberty and Mother Russia
by Lauren Burns

by Ria Chavez
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by Gladys Del Rio

Fallen Women
by Mikhail Pontenila

The Lack of the Mother in European History and Literature
by Chandra Somwaru

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
by Paulina Szwanke
Motherhood During the Holocaust
by Cassie Kogler
Jocasta and Women in Ancient Greece
by Katherine Whistler
Jewish Women in the Bible
by Cindy Cheng
Eleanor of Aquitaine
by Zuzanna Woznian
Victorian Women
by Olga Zeltser
Mothers in 1950's America
by Alessia Eramo
Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana
by Sara Martin

The Virgin Mary
by Yuliya Babeyeva

Fairy Tales
by Irina Gleyzerman
Abortion and Infant Death in Nineteenth-Century America
by Chris Bartels
Mothering and Simone de Beauvoir
by Katy Snyder
Harriet Ann Jacobs
by Amy Lee
Mothers in Ancient Greece
by Nataliya Gutman
Diana: Princess of Wales
byAlison Hudack
Motherhood During the Holocaust
by Yelena Unik
Queen Cleopatra of Egypt
by Amy Rollo
Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath: The Role of Motherhood as an Extension of Self
by Bethany Nelson
Catherine the Great
by Karina Davydova
Eleanor Roosevelt: Activist and Mother
by Roberta Taormina

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