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As the Parish Council Meets and interacts with the community, we will be posting regular reports of new happenings, decisions on issues and more.

*** Black History Month Breakfast --- Sunday February 18 2018****
*** Annual Palm Sunday Bake Sale --- Sunday March 25 2018***
***Spring Town Hall--- Sunday March 18 2018 at 4 pm - Come Share your views at the St Joseph's Town Hall Meeting and Commemoration of our Patron Saint Feast Day
*** Get Ready for the Fashion and Talent Extravaganza --- Sunday May 27th 2018***

Socialize with fellow parishioners after with food, games, face painting, souvenir items on sale and more!

As of Parish Council Meeting January 13, 2018 ...

Thank you to all who celebrated with the St. Joseph's Community on Sunday November 26, 2017 as we commemorated the 110th Anniversary of St. Joseph's Parish in Jamaica. It was a resounding success!

As of Parish Council Meeting November 12, 2017....

The new Parish Council has met twice and have hit the ground running. We have decided that the primary mission our term will be Church Unity and improved Communications. To this end, the first order of business has been reviewing the Council By-Laws to address any areas that are not in compliance. As a result, the following changes will take effect immediately.

Per Article IX Sections 1 and 2:

  • Section 1:

    The standing committees of the Council are to be at least the following: Financial, Parish Events and Ministries.
  • Section 2:

    The chairperson of each standing committee is to be a member of the Council...."

As such, Nathifa Lewis will serve as chairperson to the Financial and Events Committees of which she is already a member; and Annette Pottinger will serve as the chairperson coordinating with all existing Ministries and ad-hoc Committees. In these roles, both Nathifa and Annette will serve as the Council’s voice and liaison for events, issues and any necessary modifications to existing operational procedures.

In other news...

The English Parish Council members have also met with the newly elected Polish Parish Council to work towards more collaboration at upcoming events, starting with the 110th Anniversary Mass. We believe by more open communication we can have smoother partnering with shared spaces and resources, and more support at both communities events. Additionally, we are in the process of developing a survey to gain widespread input from the church community as to the issues that are important to you, things you would like to see changed, and new processes or programs you would like to have at St. Joseph's. The survey will be followed up with a Town Hall style meeting where you can also voice your opinions. This is your council and our term can only be successful with all of your input.

With Warm Regards

Your Parish Council

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