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Fairvest Recommends Creo Hldrs Support Dissidents' Slate Of Directors


January 26, 2005 10:37 a.m.

TORONTO -- Goodwood Inc. and Burton Capital Management LLC, together with certain other shareholders of Creo Inc. (CREO), said proxy adviser Fairvest has recommended that shareholders of Creo vote for the dissidents' proposed slate of directors.

As reported, Creo shareholders will vote at the company's annual and special meeting on Feb. 10.

In a news release, the dissidents said "Fairvest compared the positions of each of Creo and the Dissidents on corporate strategy, digital plate strategy, cost reduction initiatives and corporate governance issues. Following this review, Fairvest has recommended that shareholders vote for the Dissidents' proposed slate of directors."

As reported, the dissident group is proposing a board consisting of Robert G. Burton, Sr., Michael W. Johnston, Patrice M. Daniels, Robert W. Korthals, Leonard C. Green, Kevin G. Rooney, Mark J. Griffin, Wesley Voorheis, James C. Johnson and Sonia S. Yung.

Creo's board is recommending shareholders vote in favor of the Creo slate of director nominees.

Creo provides imaging, software and digital printing plate technology.

Web Sites: http://www.creodissidents.com and http://www.creo.com



  1. Why are the dissidents dissatisfied with Creo's board of directors?
  2. How frequently do you see Boards of Directors attacked by dissident shareholders? How do you explain the frequency or lack of frequency?