Instructions for the night class only!


I hope everybody who plans to continue with the (night FIN 320) course was at the Oct. 3 class. Because of the Jewish holidays, Prof. Nam will be teaching the Oct. 10 class as well. However, I will pick up after that.

I hadn't thought that that would be a big problem because of all the different ways that we can keep in touch. WebBoard, for one, and also, through email. In fact, I have been trying frantically to get people to contact me, but except for a few people, I haven't been successful. I asked Prof. Nam to announce the following items in class; he told me he had done so -- but just in case you missed it, here they are again:

  1. Please read your Pace e-mail; and also look at WebBoard ( Instructions on what WebBoard is, etc., can all be found from the online syllabus.
  2. You can also email me with your questions. However, I will not be available on Oct. 9 and 10.
  3. It is particularly important that you form your groups, and that each group have completed a draft of Assignment 1 (full instructions on FIN 320 website). The assignment is due Friday, Oct. 12.  One person (at least) from each group should contact me with your draft, so we can go over it.  Also type out the Team Contract, have everybody fill out their name and sign it, and then bring it to me at the time for which we make an appointment.
  4. Assignment 2 is also up (this is based on Chap. 4; slides can be downloaded from Course Time-Table (access from link on FIN 320 home page). This is due Oct. 24.
I hope all of you will contact me. At this point, given the lack of time, I would suggest that you email me your drafts, and that we talk to each other through the chat room on WebBoard (or on the phone, but that will be one at a time, not the entire group).

I urge you to look at Damodaran's Disney analysis as a guide to what you should try to do for Assignment 1. Also look at pages 40/41 from the text.

Good luck!

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