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Frequently Asked Questions, Fall 2008

FIN 340: Valuation of the Firm



Q. What will the format of the midterm exam and what will it cover?
A. The midterm will cover chapters 4, 7 and 8.

  • Analysis/Interpretation of Asset Pricing Models, particularly CAPM (see, in addition to what we discussed in class, Chapter 7 and 8 and end-of-chapter problems; however, only cost-of-equity problems from Chap. 8 are included)
  • Regression betas and analysis of betas
  • Computation of Portfolio Variance and other problems (see end-of-chapter problems from Chap. 4)
  • Porter Analysis and relevance for valuation
  • Media Article on Valuation and questions on it.

Q. What will the format of the final exam and what chapters will they cover?
A. The final will cover chapters 9-12, 14, and 18-20. Specifically, it will cover the following topics:

Q. Are the exams open book or closed book?
Ans. Click here for more information.

Q. Can I do extra work to improve my grade?
Ans. Sorry. I believe that in order to be fair, I have to give every student the same opportunity to do extra work. Obviously, this is not feasible.  However, on occasion I will allow you to resubmit an assignment for grade improvement.

Q. What can I do to check my understanding of the material and to prepare for the exams?

  • You can also try exams from past terms. Usually, the answers to exam problems can also be found on my webpages.
  • You can try to answer the questions at the end of media articles.
  • You can read current newspaper and magazine articles on relevant topics and make up your own questions and articles.


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