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FIN 647: Advanced Topics in Financial Management
Course Outline and TimeTable


Summer 2008


Class Meeting Days


Projects and other Deadlines

Meeting 1
May 28

Chap. 2: Firm Objectives (Slides)

UN Global Compact: Third World Way, July 20, 2007, The Economist (under Firm Objectives)
Making Sense of the Risks Posed by Governance Issues, May 26, 2007, The Economist, p. B3 (under Firm Objectives)

Meeting 2
June 2

Chap. 4: Understanding Financial Statements (Slides)

Chap 4: Problems 11, 14

Meeting 3
June 4

Chap. 5: Value and Price: An Introduction (Slides)

How Much to Invest Overseas? Wall Street Journal, July 21, 2007; Page B2 (In the Risk and Return section)
Chapter 5: 11, 12

Meeting 4
June 9 -- Shavuos

No Class; time to meet and work on Equity Valuation assignment.

Project on Capital Governance due by email by midnight, June 10

Meeting 5
June 11

Chapter 3; Chap. 6: Equity Risk and Expected Return (Slides)

The Hedge Fund Clones: Wall Street Concocts Products With Fewer Barriers, but Will Returns Match? Wall Street Journal, July 21, 2007; Page B1 (In the Risk and Return section)
Chapter 6: 12, 15

Meeting 6
June 16

Chapter 6: Equity Risk and Expected Return (Slides; Excel file on diversification);Chapter 7: Estimating Hurdle Rates for Firms (Using the CAPM; Slides)

Equity Valuation Assignment due by email by June 17

Meeting 7
June 18

Chapter 7: Estimating Hurdle Rates for Firms (Using the CAPM; Slides) (Excel file on Beta Computation)

Chapter 7: 15, 19

Meeting 8
June 23


Exam based on Chapters 2-7

Meeting 9
June 25

Chapter 16: An Overview of Financing Choices
Chapter 17: The section on Financing Choices and a Firm's Life Cycle (Slides)

Choosing to Co-finance -- An Analysis of Project Specific Alliances in the Film Industry (Click on Film Finance)

Meeting 10
June 30

Chapter 18:  The Financing Mix: Tradeoffs and Theory (slides)

Chapter 19: Cost of Capital Approach (Slides)

Venture Loan Gives Software Firm Needed Funding with Fewer Strings, July 30, 2007, Wall Street Journal (Under Capital Structure)
The Cash-Back Mortgage, June 10, 2007, New York Times (Under Capital Structure)

Meeting 11
July 2

Chapter 21: Dividend Policy (slides on Dividend Theory; slides on Dividend Practice)

"Qantas to Create Freight Company, Review Options," WSJ, May 25, 2007.

Chapter 19: 5, 12

Capital Structure Assignment due by email before midnight

Meeting 12
July 7
Final Exam

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