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FIN 649: International Corporate Finance
Course Outline and TimeTable


Fall 2004


Class Meeting session and Days


Projects and other Deadlines

Session 1
September 13

Chapter 1: Multinational Enterprise and Multinational Financial Management

Read article "Why trade is good for you," from Media Articles page.
Read article "Trade Theory vs. Used Clothes in Africa," from Media Articles page.

Session 2
September 20

Chapter 2: The Determination of Exchange Rates

Read article "Outsourcing 101" from Media Articles page.
Read article and answer questions -- "Dollar Firms Up," from Media Articles page.

Session 3
September 27

Chapter 3: The International Monetary System
Read "Meltzer Report" and the "Meltzer Rebuttal" from the Media Articles Page

Session 4
October 4

Chapter 4: Parity Conditions in International Finance and Currency Forecasting (slides) Read "Should we still support untrammelled Capital Mobility" and write a summary of the article. You can find this under Documents on the class Blackboard site.

Session 5
October 11

Chapter 7: The Foreign Exchange Market (slides)  

Session 6
October 18

Chapter 7 (contd.)  

Session 7
October 25

Chapter 9: Swaps and Interest Rate Derivatives (Slides)  

Session 8
November 1

Chapter 10: Measuring and Managing Translation and Transaction Exposure (Powerpoint Slides)


Session 9
November 8

Chapter 10 (contd.)  

Session 10
November 15

Chapter 11: Measuring and Managing Economic Exposure  

Session 11
November 22

Chapter 12: International Financing and National Capital Markets
Chapter 13: The Euromarkets
Project/Assignment on Management of Foreign Exchange Exposure due
Session 12
November 29
Chapter 14: The Cost of Capital for Foreign Investments (Slides)  

Session 13
December 6

Final Exam


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