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FIN 649: International Corporate Finance
Course Outline and TimeTable


Summer 2005


Class Meeting session and Days


Projects and other Deadlines

Session 1
May 31

Chapter 1: Multinational Enterprise and Multinational Financial Management

Read article "Why trade is good for you," from Media Articles page.
Read article "Outsourcing 101" from Media Articles page.

Session 2
June 2

Chapter 2: The Determination of Exchange Rates Read article "Trade Theory vs. Used Clothes in Africa," from Media Articles page.
Read article "Toe to Toe: Once Close-Knit, Sock Industry Splits Over Trade Restrictions Chinese Imports" from Media Articles page.
Read Chapters 10 and 11 from Rivoli.

Session 3
June 7

Chapter 3: The International Monetary System

Session 4
June 9

Chapter 4: Parity Conditions in International Finance and Currency Forecasting (slides) Assignment 1 due

Session 5
June 16

Chapter 7: The Foreign Exchange Market (slides)  

Session 6
June 21

Chapter 7 (contd.)
Chapter 9: Swaps and Interest Rate Derivatives

Session 7
June 23

Chapter 9: Swaps and Interest Rate Derivatives (Slides)  

Session 8
June 28

Chapter 10: Measuring and Managing Translation and Transaction Exposure (Powerpoint Slides)


Session 9
June 30

Chapter 12: International Financing and National Capital Markets
Chapter 13: The Euromarkets
Assignment 2 due

Session 10
July 5

Chapter 14: The Cost of Capital for Foreign Investments (Slides) Assignment 3 due

Session 11
July 7

Final Exam  

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