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Results of In-class Surveys




Suggestions from Dec. 5th survey


  • The techniques of doing quantitative problems will still be helpful since they are not strictly technical but are rather related to the concepts of this class.
  • Too much reading material for each class
  • Grade assignments faster


  • Make the final exam optional for the class next term
  • Skip break and finish earlier!
  • Have this suggestion form earlier in the term


  • Please with the final exam option
  • Good to see economic concepts integrated in the topic
  • Thanks for the slides
  • Thanks for the no-final option
  • The articles are a great way of learning.
  • I got plenty of actual examples through article research; it's useful for understanding.
  • Nice to go over some questions with each new topic that we learn; it makes it easier to understand the material.


  • How can we get access to the WSJ, Economist or other such journals? They cost money.
  • Will be go over the four International Corporate Finance chapters by the end of the term?


Suggestions from Nov. 28th survey

· Materials in the exam should be limited to the story or procedure of problem-solving in class
· Too many exams and assignments
· Not enough work in class on problems, exercises
· Exams are too hard
· More explanation of problems, examples and instruction on how to apply concept to real scenarios.
· Do more quantitative problems
· More guidelines for the exam
· Need more quantitative examples in class
· Too much material; lectures go too fast

· Give more practical questions in class
· Instead of tests, have more projects and case analysis
· Notion of currency exchange and management of exchange exposure is very important
· Coordinate with text?
· Let’s use the projector more and see the slides on the screen!
· Review problems and supply answers to end-of-chapter problems
· Please post answers to short answer questions from Chap. 11
· Fewer definitions on exam
· Less terms and short answers to prepare for the exams
· Better textbook!


· I like the idea of small assignments based on newspaper/magazine articles
· I like the fact that you ask questions that have us think of multiple implications, and have us take into consideration, multiple effects.