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MBA 662: Marketing and Micro Economics for Value Creation
Fall 2007
Profs. David Gertner and P.V. Viswanath

23039: Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon, Room no. W515

Blackboard: http://blackboard.pace.edu
Office W416, Pace New York
Contact information:

P.V. Viswanath: Office: W416; Tel: 212-618-6518; e-mail: pviswanath@pace.edu
Website: http://webpage.pace.edu/pviswanath/ or http://www.pviswanath.com
Wednesday, 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., Thursday, 12 noon to 3 p.m.and by appointment
Note:  I am in my office in New York most of the week; let me know if you want to see me at other times.


Course Objectives

This is an integrated multidisciplinary course that covers Supply Chain Management, Financial Accounting and Miroceconomics.

Course Text

  • Robert S. Pindyck and Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Microeconomics, Sixth Edition, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2005.

Computer Use and E-mail Policy:

Please check your e-mail and Blackboard website on a regular basis. For finance materials, see the MBA 653 finance website. You may e-mail the instructors for consultation. We check e-mail practically everyday, so in most cases, you should get a speedy response to your question.

Course Requirements

Class Attendance and Participation

Class attendance is mandatory and is highly recommended.

Assignments, Project, and Working with Teams

You may use teams for joint learning and study.

Academic Integrity

Any student taking this course is presumed to agree to abide by the school policy on academic integrity, as described on page L-52 of the Graduate Catalog 2006-2007. Please obtain a copy of the catalog and familiarize yourself with the policy.

Disability Policy

School policy regarding disabilities is described on page L-56 of the Graduate Catalog. You can contact the disabilities coordinator at 212-346-1526. Information can also be found on the University webpage.


Finance: There will be one exam. The exam will be closed book, but you will be allowed to bring in one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper containing whatever material you wish (two sides). For example, you may want to write out formulas on these sheets. More details on the nature of the exams can be found on the FAQ page.  If you miss an exam without being excused, you cannot get any credit for that exam.  University policy allows make-ups only for serious personal illness or death in the family, for which documentation may be required.  Please bring your own calculators to the exams; PDAs, however, are not allowed.  Get in touch with Prof. Viswanath regarding any question you may have regarding the exams, or the course in general.

Short Quizzes (Finance only)

Prof. Viswanath may give short in-class quizzes.

Study Aids

Practice Problems

Solutions to problems will be posted on Blackboard.

Media Articles ( Finance only)

On my webpages, you will find recent media articles.  From time to time, I will add to this list.  There are several reasons why you should look regularly at these pages.  

  • I will be posting interesting and recent articles to this directory.  As such, it will be a useful way for you to keep abreast of topical issues (in addition to your regular perusal of the Wall Street Journal.)
  • I will pose questions on the subject matter of several of the articles.  These questions will be good preparation for the media article based questions on the exams.
  • You can draw on the articles for classroom discussions.
  • These articles and the appended questions are useful preparation for job interviews.

The password, necessary to access the Media Articles section will be announced in class, and can also be found at the Blackboard website. In case of emergency, you can contact Prof. Viswanath for the password.

Course Timetable


Information regarding grades will be provided in class.


MBA 651 is a prerequisite.

  1. Ability to manipulate equations
  2. English composition: An ability to write a report using basic principles of English grammar and composition

Data Cards

On the index card handed out in class, please fill in the information requested below.  Make sure to number the item that you are responding to.  Leave space on the top right hand side for a photograph.

  1. Name
  2. Home and Work Phone number; Fax number, if any
  3. Email address, other than at pace.edu (for my convenience).  (Note that I will send you email only to your Pace email address)
  4. Functional expertise/interest in business administration (e.g. accounting, finance, personnel administration)
  5. Work experience, if any (provide particulars of what your duties were)
  6. Previous knowledge of finance (if any)
  7. Interests outside of business management (such as languages, music, etc.)
  8. What spreadsheet program do you know? Where did you learn it, and when?