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FIN 680D/ INB 670C /FIN 360A: India as a Market-oriented Economy: Present and Future
Course Outline and TimeTable


Fall 2006


Class Meeting session and Days


Reading Material

Week 1
September 17-23

Economic Development of India

*Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen, “India: Economic Development and Social Opportunity, Chapters 2 and 3
*Shyamal Roy, Chapter 3 write-up on post-1991 India
*"Development Concerns: China and India," Economic and Political Weekly, August 19, 2006
“India in the Era of Economic Reforms,” Bajpai and Sachs

Week 2
September 24-30

Sectoral Analysis *Keith Bradsher, “A Younger India Is Flexing Its Industrial Brawn,”September 1, 2006, NY Times and associated video. (Get from New York Times site)
*Shyamal Roy, Chapter 3 write-up on post-1991 India.
*Few hands make work light, Economist, June 1, 2006
*From Top to Bottom, Jun 1st 2006 The Economist
In-class Meeting - September 26 General Introduction Room W504, 6 p.m.

Week 3
October 1- October 7

Financial Infrastructure

"Safe and Sorry: India needs Financial Sector Reform," Economist, June 1, 2006

Week 4
October 8-14

Cultural Background to Economic Development "Now for the hard part," Jun 1, 2006 Economist
In-class Meeting - October 10 International Economics Room W504, 6 p.m.; Simon Long Video, accompanying the Jun 1, 2006 Economist article (from Economist website, 8:36 minutes)
*Nicholas D. Kristof, "Courage in India," January 22, 2006 - (NYT) Interactive Feature (Search under Multimedia in the NY Times website).
*Coming of Age in India, Somini Sengupta, Multimedia section (NY Times, June 25, 2005)

Week 5
October 15-21

Financial Infrastructure

*Capital Account Convertibility, Williamson
*Liquidity of Financial Markets, Susan Thomas article

Week 6
October 22-28

Physical Infrastructure
*SEZs: http://www.sezindia.nic.in/welcome.htm
*Bombay Infrastructure development: http://www.mmrdamumbai.org/projects_muip.htm
*Still in the way, Jun 1st 2006 The Economist
*The long journey, Jun 1, 2006, The Economist
*Building Blocks, Jun 1st 2006 The Economist
In-class Meeting - October 24 Outsourcing
Capital Structure
Speaker from Genpact; Room W504, 6 p.m.

Week 7
October 29-November 4

IT/BPO/Call Center Industry *Infosys -- a Case Study
*Thomas Friedman, "The World is Flat," Chap. 1
*If in doubt, farm it out, Jun 1st 2006 The Economist

Week 8
November 5-11

Media/Entertainment Industry

*Fee, Edward “Motion Picture Financing,”
*Sector Report on the Entertainment Industry

In-class Meeting - November 7 HR Issues Nancy by day, Nalini by night; Room W504, 6 p.m.

Week 9
November 12-18

Week 10
November 19-25
Corporate Governance and Leadership
Agency costs and Indian corporate organization
*“Breaking Marwari Rules,” NY Times, July 10, 2006.

In-class Meeting - November 28

Penelope Dimitroula
The Textile Industry
Sheila Healy
Outsourcing and Customer Service in the Airline Industry
Michelle Vitcovich
Real Estate Market
Rich Baker
Corporate Governance
Melvina Johnson
Problems and Solutions in Reforming the Indian Stock Market
William Cummings
Pharmaceuticals in India
Aubrey Giffen
The Indian Film Industry
Jency Thermadam
The Environmentalist Response to Globalization
Marina Slavina
Investing in Emerging Markets
Presentations; Room W504, 6 p.m.

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