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FIN 680D/INC 670C/ FIN 360A/MAR 680V/MAR 356E:
Financing & Marketing Implications of Market Orientation in India

Course Outline and TimeTable


Fall 2008


Class Meeting session and Days


Reading Material (to be added)

Week 1
October 6

In-class Meeting
Blackboard Discussion:
Economic Development of India


Week 2
October 13

Blackboard Discussion:
Sectoral Analysis/ China vs India


Week 3
October 20

Blackboard Discussion: Management in India


Week 4
October 27

In-class Meeting (Marketing)
Cultural Background to Economic Development
Blackboard Discussion: Marketing

Week 5
November 3
Blackboard Discussion: Marketing  

Week 6
November 10

In-class Meeting (Finance)
Blackboard Discussion: Finance
Nancy by day, Nalini by night (video presentation)


Week 7
November 17

Blackboard Discussion: Finance/Marketing

Week 8
November 24

In-class Meeting (Marketing)
Blackboard Discussion: Marketing
Student Presentations:

Week 9
December 1

Student Presentations
Yu Wei Hsu: Family Firms' strategies for transfer across generations between India and Taiwan
Mehak: Financing Movie Theatres
Funto: Role and Impact of Microfinance on Women in India
Kunal: Real Estate in India
Harinder: Bollywood's changing industry and going public
Peng: Microfinance in India and China



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