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FIN 680D/INC 670C/ FIN 360A: India as a Market-oriented Economy: Present and Future


Tentative Itinerary for FIN 680D/INC 670C/ FIN 360A

Jan 7th Sunday
BA FLT:172 lv JFK 8:00A - arr LON 7:45P (6Hr,45Min – flt duration)
BA FLT:199 lv LON 9:30P -

Jan 8th Monday
BA FLT:199 Arr BOM 11:40A (8Hr,40Min flt duration)
Bombay City Tour organized by Travel Agent

Jan 9th Tuesday
Morning: Class Visit -- Federation of Indian Export Organizations
Afternoon: Class Visit – TCS
Evening: Class Trip – Bombay Historical Tour (Khotachiwadi: About Khotaichiwadi; The Struggle to Save Khotaichiwadi)

Jan 10th Wednesday
Morning: Class Visit -- AIG
Afternoon: Class Visit -- National Stock Exchange
Evening: Class Visit – Social Service Organization and Underprivileged Areas Field Visit

Jan. 11th – Thursday
Morning: Class Visit – JetAir
Afternoon: Film Industry
Evening: Class Dinner (not included in price)

Jan. 12th – Friday
Morning: Free time
Afternoon: JetAir FLT:417 lv BOM 2:00P - arr BAN 3:35P (flight duration 1Hr,35Min)

Jan. 13th – Saturday
Bangalore Tour (organized by Travel Agent)

Jan. 14th – Sunday
Free Time

Jan. 15th – Monday
Morning: Goldman Sachs
Afternoon: Infosys

Jan. 16th – Tuesday
Morning: MindTree
Afternoon: IIM, Bangalore

17 Wednesday
BA FLT:118 lv BAN 6:45A - arr LON 12:30P (flight duration 11Hr,15Min)
BA FLT:177 lv LON 1:35P - arr JFK 4:10P (flight duration 7Hr,35Min)