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FINA 657: Investments
Course Outline and TimeTable


Spring 2011


Class Meeting Week and Days


Projects and other Deadlines

Week 1
Jan. 28

Chapter 1 The Investment Environment (Slides)
Chapter 2 Asset Classes and Financial Instruments
Webnote: Financial Markets


Week 2
Feb. 4

Chapter 3 How Securities are Traded

Connect Assignments Chaps 1 and 2 due

Week 3
Feb. 11

Chapter 4 Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies

Connect Assignment Chap 3 due
Discussion Article (Securities Trading): Stock Trading in Private Companies Draws S.E.C. Scrutiny

Week 4
Feb. 18

Chapter 5 Introduction to Risk, Return, and the Historical Record

Connect Assignment Chap 4 due

Week 5
Feb. 25

Chapter 6 Risk Aversion and Capital Allocation to Risky Assets
Webnote: Risk and Risk Aversion

Connect Assignment Chap 5 due
Discussion Article (Risk and Return): Investors Bet on Catastrophe Bonds

Week 6
March 4

Chapter 7 Optimal Risky Portfolios
Webnote: Optimal Risky Portfolios

Connect Assignment Chap 6 due

Week 7
March 11

Chapter 9 The Capital Asset Pricing Model

Connect Assignment Chap 7 due

Week 8
March 25


Discussion Article (Risk and Return): Cost of Equity in Emerging Markets

Week 9
April 1

Chapter 10 Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Multifactor Models of Risk and Return

Connect Assignment Chap 9 due

Week 10
April 8

Chapter 11 The Efficient Market Hypothesis
Chapter 12 The Behavioral Critique

Connect Assignment Chap 10 due

Week 11
April 15

Chapter 13 Empirical Evidence on Security Returns

Connect Assignment Chaps 11, 12 due
Discussion Article (Risk and Return): Momentum in financial Markets

Week 12
April 22

Chapter 14 Bond Prices and Yields

Connect Assignment Chap 13 due

Week 13
April 29

Chapter 15 The Term Structure of Interest Rates

Connect Assignment Chap 14 due
Discussion Article (Interest Rates): A Calmer Market? Not for Long Bonds

Week 14
May 6

Chapter 16 Managing Bond Portfolios Connect Assignment Chap 15 due
Week 15
May 13

Chapter 24 Portfolio Performance Evaluation

Connect Assignment Chap 16 due
May 16 -- 12 noon to 1:50 pm Final Exam  

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