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  Courses / EBS-Toulon/ Course Outline and TimeTable  

EBS/Toulon: Managerial Finance
Course Outline and TimeTable - Spring 2011


Class Meeting Days


Projects and other Deadlines
Problem Assignments as given on Assignments Page -- not to be handed in
MFL refers to MyFinanceLab Assignment

Class 1
January 20

Financial Markets and Institutions (Slides)

Text for Financial Markets and Institutions available on Blackboard. Look at the assignment for that chapter; the assignment is due at the beginning of class on January 27 (individual assignment)

Class 2
January 27

The Corporation (Chap 1) /Corporate Governance (Chap 29)

Required Cyber Cafe Blackboard Discussion Group (individual posts; go to Blackboard and click on Discussion Board); you must post at least once by February 3.
Text for Corporate Governance available on Blackboard.
Discussion Board: The Chinese Financial System (Financial Innovation); group postings

Class 3
February 3

Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis (Chap 2)(Slides)

MFL Due (Chap1)

Class 4
February 10

Arbitrage and Financial Decision Making  (Chap 3) (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 2)
The Discussion Board topic on "The Chinese Financial System" closes.
The Discussion Board topic on "Financial Innovation" closes.

Class 5
February 17

The Time Value of Money (Chap 4) (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 3)
MFL Due (Chap 4)

Class 6
February 22



Class 7
February 24

Interest Rates (Chap 5) (Slides)

Class 8
March 3

Valuing Bonds (Chap 8) (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 5)

Class 9
March 10

Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting (Chap 7) (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 8)
Blackboard Discussion: The Coming College Education Bubble (Investments); group postings

Class 10
March 24

Valuing Stocks (Chap 9) (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 7)

Class 11
March 31

Capital Markets and the Pricing of Risk (Chap 10) (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 9)
Beta Assignment due (group assignment)

Class 12
April 7
Final Exam MFL Due (Chap 10)Check FAQs for final exam detail
We will do these, if time permits...

Chap 14: Capital Structure in a Perfect Market (Slides)Chap 15: Debt and Taxes and Chap 16: Financial Distress, Managerial Incentives, and Information (Slides)
Investment Decision Rules (Chap 6) (Slides)

MFL Due (Chap 14)
MFL Due (Chap 6)

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