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Instructions for Using MyFinanceLab


How to Register and Enroll in Your MyFinanceLab Course
Welcome to MyFinanceLab! Your instructor has set up a MyFinanceLab course for you.

To join your instructor's course, please complete the following two steps:
1. REGISTER for MyFinanceLab, and, 2. ENROLL in your instructor's course

To Register for MyFinanceLab

To register, you will need a student access code and a course ID.
If you don't have an access kit, you can purchase access online at http://www.myfinancelab.com.
You will have the choice to purchase access with or without a full etext. Once enrolled in your professor's course, you will also have the option to purchase a discounted version of your text.

Textbook: Berk/DeMarzo: Corporate Finance: The Core 2e
Course Name: EDHEC/Toulon Financial Management
Course ID: XL0L-Q1U1-601Y-2ZJ2

Steps to Register:

  1. Go to http://www.myfinancelab.com and click the Student button, in the Register section.
  2. Enter the course ID, XL0L-Q1U1-601Y-2ZJ2 and click Next.
  3. Choose to register an access code (came with your new book) or purchase access if you don’t have an access kit/code.
  4. Click the button to proceed to registration.
  5. Follow the instructions to create your account.
  6. Click the link to login. You’ll be directed to http://www.myfinancelab.com, where you can enter the user name and password you just created. Click the login button.
  7. The first time you enter the site you’ll be asked to enter your course ID.  Enter your course ID, XL0L-Q1U1-601Y-2ZJ2. 
  8. Be sure to click on the Browser Check link on the Announcements page or in the upper right of the screen the first time you login and anytime you use a new computer. This wizard will walk you through the installation of the software you will need to use the MyFinanceLab resources (such as Flash).
    Note: the software may already be installed in the school lab, so in that case check first with your lab administrator.

To log into MyFinanceLab

  1. Go to http://www.myfinancelab.com
  2. Enter the user name and password you just created, and click Log In (or hit the enter key).
    If you purchased access, visit the Textbook Resources inside your Instructor's Course for additional purchase options.

Note: If you are taking two MyFinanceLab courses simultaneously you will need two separate login accounts.

Need Help? For assistance, please visit http://www.myfinancelab.com/support.

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