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Film Finance
Assignments, Summer 2008


Readings for Class

Introduction (read for June 23):
Squire, p. 14, The Producer by David Puttnam
Squire, p. 25, The Director by Sydney Pollack
Squire, p. 39, My Movies: The Collision of Art and Money by Mel Brooks
Squire, p. 49, The Independent Film Maker by Henry Jaglom
Squire, p. 232, Production Management by Michael Grillo
Squire, p. 250, Charlie’s Angels: Production Paperwork by Christina Fong
Movie Money, p. 159, Chapter 6: The Production Process

Contracting (read for June 25):
Squire, p. 72, The Literary Agent by Lee Rosenberg
Squire, p. 117, Elements of Feature Financing by Norman Garey
Squire, p. 167, The Film Company as Financier-Distributor by David Picker
Squire, p. 194, Business Affairs by Stephen Kravit
Movie Money, p. 1, Chapter 1: The Contract Language
Movie Money, p. 31, Chapter 2: This Thing Called Gross
Movie Money, p. 189, Chapter 7: Participations

Financing (read for June 30):
Squire, p. 128, Venture-Capital Strategy and the FilmDallas Model by Sam Grogg
Squire, p. 167, The Film Company as Financier-Distributor by David Picker
Squire, p. 194, Business Affairs by Stephen Kravit
Squire, p. 207, The Finishing Touch: The Completion Guarantee by Norman Rudman and Lionel Ephraim
Movie Money, p. 237, Chapter 8: Financing and Interest

Additional Material:
Squire, p. 138, Analyzing Movie Companies by Harold Vogel
Squire, p. 332, The Revenue Streams: An Overview
Future Trends:
Squire, p. 100, Movies, Money and Madness by Peter Dekom
Squire, p. 458, The Global Markets by Rob Aft

Presentation Assignments

For the purpose of this project, you will be using the same teams that you formed for Prof. Chiagouris's class. Please choose one of the topics below -- one per team -- and email me your choice -- there are only six topics and there are six teams, so I will assign the topics according to the order in which I receive emails requesting a project. You are also welcome to suggest a new topic, but it must be one that's acceptable to me and that I must approve ahead of time.

You will read the assigned materials, as well as any other material that you can find that is relevant. You will then prepare a powerpoint file, which you will use to make a 20-minute presentation on July 7th. You will also write-up a two-page summary of your findings and conclusions. If you need more space, you can use up to five pages. However, please make sure that your writing is precise and to the point.

I have put materials on each topic on Blackboard, under Finance Documents. However, do not feel limited to those materials; you can use any other materials that you wish.

Finally, there will be one or more questions from these topics on the final exam. Hence please make sure that you pay attention to your colleagues' presentations on July 7th.

  1. The business of making and selling French films
    1. http://www.understandfrance.org/France/FrenchMovies.html
    2. http://www.indiewire.com/biz/biz_030313world.html
    3. Selling French Films on Foreign Markets: The International Strategy of a Medium-Sized Film Company, Gerben Bakker, Enterprise & Society; Mar 2004; 5, 1; pg. 45
    4. French Cinema: Economy, Policy and Place in the Making of a Cultural-Products Industry by Allen J. Scott, Theory, Culture & Society, Vol. 17, No. 1, 1-38 (2000).
    5. Talk about other ethnic film industries – can financing and incentives make a difference?
  2. Exhibition Contracts -- The business of showing movies
  3. How important are stars to movie success?
  4. Vertical Integration in the Movie Industry
  5. Forecasting revenues for a film: What makes a film succeed?
  6. The Macroeconomics of the Movie Business
    1. What are the economic forces driving demand and supply in the movie business?
    2. What are the trends that you forecast for the movie industry?
  7. Do an event study using the Hollywood Stock Exchange (come see me if you want to do this)


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