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Frequently Asked Questions, Spring 2013

FIN 680 Microfinance: Conceptual and Applied


Q. What do I have to study for the Midterm and what will it look like?
A. The midterm will cover all the material that we have discussed in class until the week before the midterm. Specifically, there will be:

  • Short-answer questions from Portfolios of the Poor (click here for sample questions)
  • Short-answer questions from Chapters 1-7, and Chapter 9 of Armendariz and Morduch (click here for sample questions)
  • One quantitative question from Chapter 4 and 5 (similar to Probs: 2-7, Prob: 4-8 and Probs: 5-6 and 5-7).
  • One question on Financing Structures from the IFMR Blog (click here for sample questions)
  • One question from Elizabeth Rhyne's article.
  • One question on selection bias.
  • One question about Banco Comportamos (using information in in all the assigned reading materials).

Q: What will you be looking for in the term papers?

A: Here are some rubrics that I will use as guides in grading your paper.

  • Originality
  • Analysis
  • Citations
  • Grammar
  • Organization of paper
  • Use of journal articles (and not just Internet-based non-refereed publications)

Plagiarism will be heavily penalized.


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