File: 860AHW1.htm

DCS 860A Emerging Technologies
Homework Assignment 1
Due Sunday, September 17, 2000
Stephen Parshley

Part 1.  Establish a web site for this course and e-mail it to Professor Tappert.

Response: Done

Part 2.  Add a link to your first homework assignment, which is to write a paragraph about what you hope to learn from this course.

Response:  I hope to improve my awareness of the breadth and depth of information technology advancements.  The most important objective I have for this course is to become sufficiently familiar with the paradigms and sources on this subject so that I can not only be “computer literate” but remain so.  I hope to enter the corporate information technology environment in two years; it will be incumbent upon me as a professional to know and harness emerging technologies.  A secondary objective I have for learning in this course is to develop a good critical sense of the factors one ought to consider in conducting a cost-benefit decision analysis of whether to embrace an emerging technology.  For example, are there general benefits to waiting for technologies to emerge?  If there are such benefits, are they only applicable to certain environments (smaller or larger companies)?  Under what conditions should one endure the costs of embracing immature but especially promising technologies?  If, by course end, I feel confident discussing these kinds of questions, then I will have learned much.