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This simple page is minimal. I just want to get my web page space working. Links appear below for instructors or fellow students to access information.

I am team architect for Team 1, DPS Project.

As of 7 Oct 99, our team achieved consensus on a class diagram. You can see that diagram at:

http://webpage.pace.edu/sp68870w/ by looking for the file Class Diagram.jpg


Team 1 for DPS Project

Leader Vera Rhoads

Architect Stephen Parshley

Designer Les Beckford

Implementer Thanh Lam

Quality A. Pauline Mosley

Joe DiCicco

Advisors Professor Allen Stix

Professor Ron Frank


CLASS DIAGRAM (picture is available by returning to home page and selecting JPG)

Return to the root of my home page to view class diagram JPG

The class diagram is what Team 1 agreed to on 7 Oct 99. As team architect, I am posting this diagram to fulfill our team requirement. We expect we may revise this diagram, especially to specify the relationships more explicitly. Our team is working on CRC cards now (we have a physical meeting scheduled for 8 Oct 99). Our team leader, Vera Rhoads, is gone until 18 Oct, so I am submitting this on her behalf. I expect to compare CRC cards with fellow team members tomorrow, and then compare with other architects. We will use simple physical cards for CRC brainstorming, and then use wordprocessors to produce HTML documents to exchange with each other on our Pace web pages, like this one.