Speech Recognition Toys


Toy Name


Speech Technology




 MGA Entertainment and Sensory Inc.



Performs 17 different activities.

Will recite over 400 words and 125 phrases. Plays peek-a-boo and does addition and subtraction.

 Koby takes Furby from Tiger Electronics to the next level by interacting with children via speech-recognition technology and speech synthesis

Employs Sensory's RSC-264T 8-bit processor and neural network algorithms to provide speaker independent voice recognition

  Christmas 1999

 MGA Entertainment and Sensory Inc.



Uses speaker-dependent speech recognition technology and voice synthesis, as well as continuous- listening
technologies from Sensory,Inc.

Employs Sensory's RSC-264T 8-bit and comes with an RF

The chip also supports speech synthesis, voice record/playback, four-voice music synthesis and system
control. The device includes on-chip RAM, ROM, 16 general purpose I/O lines, A/D and D/A
converters, a microphone preamplifier and a 4-Mips dedicated processor.

  Christmas 1999


MicNotePad Lite 4.1.2


  allows to easily and reliable record voice notations




  Professor X


  Professor X is a nonjudgmental, usually very understanding psychotherapists

you talk to your computer, your computer talks back