AI Game Products


Product Name Cost Description Comments
Interplay Productions

Starfleet Academy $44.81 Action/Flight Simulator What makes this game interesting from an AI point of view is that Interplay is rather heavily touting the "learning" AI in the game.

The was also interesting beacuse it had ratings on all produscts T for teen, M - mature and so on


Dirt Track Racing $19.99 at CompUSA online Action Game

DTR requires DirectX version 7.0 or newer - Microsoft

Additional Features:
* 30 tracks
* 18 different vehicles
* 3 separate classes
* 8 separate series

One of the few action titles on this page, Dirt Track Racing is much like any other racing game with one exception--it uses neural networks as part of its AI.

The multiplayer requirements include Local area network with TCP/IP protocol or established Internet connection (28.8kbps modem or faster required

Developer Ensemble

Publisher Microsoft

Age of Empires $19.99 through $69.99 depending on version and operating system Realtime Strategy The AI is interesting in that it attempts to learn from the player


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