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Jakob Nielsen's

Jacob Nielsen's site offers articles and resources in usability, tips on how to conduct user tests as well as his well-known and respected Alertbox column

Usable Web

ZDNet Usability

Designing Usable and Visually Appealing Web Sites

Web Review: The Navigation and Usability Guide

User Interface Engineering

Web Site Usability, by Jared M. Spool

Human Factors International

Designing Visual Interfaces, by Kevin Mueller

The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald A. Norman

Web Standards and Validators



Delorie HTML Purifier

Net Mechanic


The Navigation and Usability Guide



Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines: Page Authoring

Techniques for an Accessible Web

Web Page Accessibility Self-Evaluation Test

Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation: WebABLE!

Microsoft Accessibility and Disabilities Site

ZDNet Accessibility

Columns and Publications

by Jakob Neilsen

ZDNet Usability - Users First
by Jakob Neilsen

UIETips (via email; archives available)

UI Update (via email; archives available)

User Interface Engineering's Eye for Design (bimonthly; subscription information)

Browser Emulators

Win 95 only; requires purchase and download

Backward Compatibility Viewer

Delorie Lynx Viewer

Information Architecture

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, by Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville

Envisioning Information, by Edward Tufte

E-commerce Design

WilsonWeb - Designing a Business Web Site

"Branding and Usability," User Interface Engineering's Eye for Design, January/February 1999

Why People Shop on the Web
Jakob Neilsen's Alertbox for Feb 7, 1999

Trust or Bust: Communicating Trustworthiness in Web Design
Jakob Neilsen's Alertbox for March 7, 1999

Web Usability Illustrated: Breathing Easier with Your Usable E-Commerce Site
by Eric Schaffer and John Sorflaten; published in The Journal of Electronic Commerce

Paper Prototyping

Users First: Prototyping Web Designs
by Jakob Neilsen,4413,2190711,00.html

Using Paper Prototypes to Manage Risk
by Carolyn Snyder

"Paper Prototypes: Still the Simplest," User Interface Engineering's UIETips,
January 21, 1999

Paper Prototyping Tips (video)

Product Usability: Survival Techniques (course)

Do-it-Yourself Usability Testing

Free Web Usability Evaluation
by Human Factors International

Users First: Cheap Usability Tests
by Jakob Neilsen,4413,2224316,00.html

Heuristic Evaluation
by Jakob Neilsen

Usability Professionals

User Interface Engineering
Boston, MA

Human Factors International
Fairfield, IA

Silver Spring, MD