GIS at Pace
Peggy Minnis, Ph.D.
Pace University -

This free course is being offered in the spring 2024 term.  The syllabus for the course may be seen here
There is a FAQ at the bottom of that page.  If you have other questions, email me.

The platform will be Google Classroom.   The course will start January 22 and end in April.

Once you click the link for enrollment, you are automatically enrolled.  If you enrolled by mistake, email me and I will unenroll you.  Or, you can try un-enrolling.  I delete names after about the first four weeks if there is no activity.


The course is totally online and there is no live meeting sessions.  New lessons posted each Monday and must be finished by the following Sunday to be graded.
Students can choose from among four GIS programs to do their weekly assignments (ArcMAP, ArcGIS Pro, QGIS, Global Mapper). 
Most people stay with one platform throughout the course.

A certificate is granted to each person who finishes the assigned work by the end of the course; Pace University awards an electronic badge to completers.
The videos below are for former students who need to refer back to a lesson.  They might not be in chronological order and some are old, but the function will be covered in a newer edition of that topic.
The order for the programs is:  ArcMAP, QGIS, Global Mapper, ArcGIS Pro. 

Videos for all to get things started 
Download with Chrome
Download with FireFox
Download Census Tiger Line shapefiles
Where to get US Census data
Map Projections
County subdivisions if your area is coastal
ArcMAP specific videos
Starting ArcMap the first time
The HELP function in ArcMAP
Geodatabases and Shapefiles
Housekeeping your catalog
Extract one town from your census download
Making your Layout in landscape
Separating "all lines" to streets, streams, etc.
Add a basemap
The "Layout" view
Make a PDF of your layout
Reprojecting US Census shapefiles
Making a layout with two data frames
Making a map inset (PA)
Making a map inset (CT)
Landscape Layouts
Moving basemap credits
Making Geodatabases in ArcCatalog
Measuring distance, area, doing calculation
Putting halos around labels
Batch geocoding with Google Sheets
Making lines to a central location or party
Preparing to make a timeline movie
Making a timeline movie
Finding a simple address
How to make an "address locator"
How to clip a raster with Spatial Analyst
How to clip a raster with Data Management
How to add Bing Maps to your basemaps
Make a new polygon shapefile
Make a polygon shapefile from a drawing
Making a line shapefile
Snapping lines with Eric
Making a point shapefile and hyperlinking
Add a hyperlink, the a PDF
Finding Latitude and Longitude for points
How to add a callout
How to use the trace tool with a neighbor
Add a table into a layout with Matt Pitts
Customizing the scalebar (Shannon Belmont)
Making a model for repetitive tasks
Making a model with Matt Pitts
Georeferencing an historic map (PA)
Georeferencing an historic map Norwalk CT
Georeferencing an historic map Darien, CT
Georeferencing control point table editing
Library of Congress historical maps
Conservation Easement mapping
Selection by Location
Selection by Attributes
Selection by multiple features
Creating buffers
Creating buffers (old video)
Appending shapefiles
Merging adjacent rasterw
How a smartphone knows your loaction
Using GAIA GPS for your travels
Add in Geotagged photos to your map
Garmin GPS to GIS via Minnesota DNR Program
Hot spot mapping with Kernel Density
Hot spot mapping with Optimum Hot Spot
Cholera outbreak with John Snow's data
Demographics with US Census
Download site for US Census demographics
Demographics of wealth distribution
Creating a layer for exporting and sharing
Making a layer package
Exporting a map package to another ESRI user
Export your shapefile to Google Earth
Export a MAP to Google Earth
Getting a 21-day trial of ArcGIS Online
Putting a geodatabase on ArcGIS Online
Customizing the ArcGIS legend
ArcPublisher and ArcReader
3D - Downloading a DEM to use in ArcScene
Extract a DEM for a smaller area
Make a Polyline from a polygon for sides
Jermyn PA in 3D to ArcGIS Online for sharing
Putting 3D map on ArcGIS Online
Google Earth Series with David Wilson
How to gauge your canopy with iTree Canopy
USFS iTree Tools
Changes in your canopy over time
Census County Subdivisions for coasts
How to define random points
Coastal Flooding or storm surge
Westchester County, NY LiDAR
How to merge DEMS
LAS data to hillshade
How to get LiDAR from different places
Making airline route maps, sort of
QGIS Downloading and installing
QGIS add a background basemap
QGIS labeling
QGIS making a Layout
QGIS reprojecting
QGIS making a Layout
QGIS Making an Inset map
QGIS inset map by another person
QGIS Geocode a table of addresses
QGIS Add points from csv file (AMDGS)
QGIS Save canvas as visual as .tiff
QGIS Clipping a raster
QGIS add Google Earth KMZ file to ArcMAP
QGIS Making a Point Shapefile
QGIS Making a Line Shapefile
QGIS Making a Polygon Shapefile
QGIS Making a shapefile (AMDGS)
QGIS Adding an attribute table to a layout
QGIS Hyperlinking a photo or document
QGIS Georeferencing
QGIS georeferencing in England
QGIS selection by attributes (Allison Meezan)
QGIS Creating buffers
QGIS GPX to shapefile
QGIS waypoints (Australian narrator)
QGIS Geotagged photos
QGIS Census Demographics
QGIS Joins and symbolizing
QGIS - making a web map
QGIS - Google Earth Pro to QGIS Nilutpal Mahanta
QGIS export maps to Google Earth
QGIS - export maps to CAD
QGIS - 3 D view
QGIS - what to do if you lose your panels
QGIS hillshade map
Global Mapper Videos
GM - download US Census County Subdivisions
GM - Select one town for your focus
GM - reproject UTM to State Plane (or your favorite)
GM - mapping xy points and creating a shapefile
GM - creating a point shapefile
GM - creating a polygon shapefile
GM - creating a line shapefile
GM - georeference an old map
GM - use your town's shapefile to clip other features
GM - how to make a layout to share your map
GM - making a layout with an overview of the area
GM - comparing UTM and state plane views of an area
GM - hot spot analysis
GM and QGIS - demographics from US Census
GM - smartphone GAIA or GPS to GM
GM - put your shapefiles on Google Earth
GM - georeference Bangor, ME and make a layout
GM - map package export for another GM user
GM - clip a DEM to give GM a smaller size to handle
GM -  crop a raster to your town's borders
GM - the 3D view of your area
GM - LAS to Dem
GM - LAS to DEM and more
GM - find LAS files and make a DEM (might be better)
GM - working in 3D and rearranging layers
GM - LAS to DEM for Pace students
ArcGIS Pro Videos
ArcGIG Pro Videos  (not in chronological order)
ArcGIS Pro Intro Part One 2022
ArcGIS Pro Intro Part Two 2022
ArcGIS Pro Intro Part Three 2022
ArcGIS Pro Intro Part Four 2022
ArcGIS Pro How to add an inset map                                    
ArcGIS Pro Geocode a spreadsheet
ArcGIS Pro Geocoding in Sheets and mapping
ArcGIS Pro Geocode with Awesome Table
ArcGIS Pro Putting shapefiles in a geodatabase
ArcGIS Pro Make an airline route type map
ArcGIS Pro Change the projection of data                       
ArcGIS Pro Compare two projections on one layout       
ArcGIS Pro Distances to a common destination
ArcGIS Pro Create Polygons
ArcGIS Pro Create Point Shapefile
ArcGIS Pro Create Line shapefile
ArcGIS Pro Create a line shapefile with snapping
ArcGIS Pro Polygon to Polyline
ArcGIS Pro hyperlinking photos at DHS
ArcGIS Pro GPX to Shapefile
ArcGIS Pro 3D Scene settings
ArcGIS Pro Make a smaller DEM
ArcGIS Pro Download Map and Clip it to Town Shape
ArcGIS Pro Mapping demographics
ArcGIS Pro Make buffers around roads
ArcGIS Pro Labeling Features
ArcGIS Pro Kernel Density mapping
ArcGIS Pro Hyperlink GPS tagged photos
ArcGIS Pro How to make a simple layout map
ArcGIS Pro Hot spot analysis
ArcGIS Pro Georeferencing
ArcGIS Pro Extract a Town from the US Census
ArcGIS Pro Export map package
ArcGIS Pro Buffers around point features
ArcGIS Pro ArcGIS Pro to Google Earth
ArcGIS Pro Add GPS points from a Garmin GPS
ArcGIS Pro Add fields to polygon attribute table
ArcGIS Pro Add a table to a layout map
ArcGIS Pro NYC Buildings in 3D and build dates
ArcGIS Pro Extract Manhattan Building Footprints