Simulation of Hospital Management System with Evidence-Based Design

definition: Evidence-based design, or EBD, is a field of study emphasizing credible evidence to influence design. This approach has become popular in healthcare to improve patient and staff well-being, patient healing, stress reduction and safety. [Wikipedia]

EBD resources:

Selling an Evidence-Based Design for Waterford Hospital

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Project Implementation

Gaynor - Nitish discussion

We had discussed that it is simulation of Hospital management system. Having objectives like:

  1. Create a queue for patients (can be multiple queues).
  2. Randomly create patients (say requests) and put them in queue
  3. Set a response time/serve time for every patient.
  4. If there are high number of requests, response time is less and vice-versa.
  5. The program must display requests and response time/serve time with randomized rate of increase and decrease of requests (patients).

people in the project: