Takings Clause and Land Use Articles

Short Article, Responding to Kelo v. New London: Avoiding Intrinsic Injustice by Paying a Fairer Price, (October 20, 2005). (SSRN)

Article, The Takings Clause and the Separation of Powers, 21 Pace Env. L. Rev. 3 (2003).(pdf version)

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Article, "Taking" the Imperial Judiciary Seriously: Segmenting Property Interests and Judicial Revision of Legislative Balancing,
in Court of Federal Claims Symposium, 42 Catholic Univ. L. Rev. 771 (1993).

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Short Article, Private Property and Community Rights: What Communities Can Still Do After Lucas, in Planning and Zoning News, et al. (April, 1993).

Article, What is Behind the “Property Rights” Debate? 10 Pace Environmental Law Review 21 (1992).

Article, Law and a New Land Ethic, 74 Minnesota Law Review 339 (1989) (for an abridged version)

Article, Public Rights in the Navigable Streams of New York, 6 Pace Environmental Law Review 461 (1989).

Article, Economic Due Process and the Takings Clause, 4 Pace Environmental Law Review 311 (1988).

Article, Constitutional Limits on the Power to Take Private Property: Public Purpose and Public Use, 66 Oregon Law Review 547 (1988).

Article, A Unifying Theory for the Just Compensation Cases: Takings, Regulation and Public Use, 34 Law Review 243 (1982).

Book Review (Bruce A. Ackerman, Private Property and the Constitution 39 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 793 (1978).

Existing Use Zoning

Short Article, Existing Use Zoning, in Zoning News published by the American Planning Association (December, 1992).

Model Exiting Use Zoning Ordinance

What Communities Can Still Do After Lucas

Article, Law and a New Land Ethic, 74 Minnesota Law Review 339 (1989) (for an abridged version)

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